ERP Academe is a leading provider of school ERP software in India. We offer bespoke services for automation of all kinds of school management tasks. We aim to provide technological support for all educational organizations to digitalize the intricate data management processes.

Present-day, global education policies have dramatically changed the functioning of schools. All the educational institutes face a tough time handling all the operations.

Are you planning to modernize your school campuses? At ERP Academe we have a rich selection of school management ERP software that helps you computerize all administrative and academic processes. Our dynamic ERP solutions are designed to handle activities such as admissions, fee payment, student enrolment, examinations, results, course management and storage of students and employee information.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who are well-versed with the industry standards and deliver robust ERP solutions. Our ERP software caters to all the needs of educational institutions that facilitate the automation of all the school administration. You can easily look automate different administrative jobs such as inventory management, student/staff management, finance, and payroll processes.

Our products run efficiently across all platforms. There isn’t much hassle about the installation processes. All you need is a reliable Internet connection.

Data security is our top most priority. All the school ERP software have permission- based roles that ensure high data security without any breaches. We focus on the empowerment of staff and students by providing them access to all kinds of data. It is quite easy to transfer information to internal or external locations.

Communication and collaboration is another key point of our ERP solutions. We focus on enabling clear communication at different levels of the organization, thereby building strong relations.

Benefits of using ERP software:

• Empower teaching with interactive learning modules

• Reduce paperwork through the generation of e-reports

• Easy tracking of the students in academics

• Update parents about their children in real-time through communication modes such as SMS, mobile applications, and email

• Enhance the school website

• Lessen the repetitious chores of administrative blocks. The ERP will automate everything.

• Get a transparent report of the functioning of the organization

• Control the library catalogues and their accessibility and circulation

The need to digitalize school administrative processes is paramount. We at ERPAcademe help you go digital in an effortless manner. We put in state-of-art technology to design powerful solutions and help you revolutionize your digital journey. We are ever ready to help you with your queries 24 * 7.

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