Modern School technology – biometric attendance system

Whether you run a business organization or an educational institution, attendance recording and monitoring becomes quintessential for effective functioning. The conventional method of oral attendance or signing logbooks are not just time consuming but also create a greater scope for error. The biometric attendance system is compact, reliable and easy to use while keeping track individuals systematically.

The ERPAcademe biometric attendance machine uses biometrics such as fingerprints and iris that are pre-stored in the system to maintain records. The system utilizes a portable scanning device to acquire images of a fingerprint that is backed by monitoring software to keep track of in-time and out-time during any specific period of time. Furthermore, the system generates reports that can be utilized for decision making and to promote a more secure and surveillant environment.

What is a web-based biometric attendance system?

Technology has become quintessential in every field and affects our lives in ways more than it ever did, including the way we work, connect with people, solve problems, etc. It is the need for all organizations in this era including schools, institutions, and hospitals to be fully equipped with systems that are:

• Efficient and effective in recording attendees using a highly secured framework

• Keeping a record of all fingerprint patterns on campus within a secure database

• Capable of processing database to determine specific requirements

The idea is to create a system wherein one can easily observe and manage individual attendance for any number of head count from anywhere and at any given point of time. Through a secure cloud-based technology ERPAcademe gives you a single key access to all your data in order for you to be more efficient and proactive. That’s the reason why several schools have been incorporating our biometric attendance to create a safer environment for students.

The ERPAcademe web-based system helps supervise students, staff, and teachers in scheduling tasks and leaves. The system also has its application in school libraries to organize and manage the student login credentials. All of this affects the student and their overall performance in their studies and examinations. To resolve such issue, this biometric time attendance has been introduced, which is quite helpful for schools and institutions to manage their students better. It also helps the faculty to manage their biometric time attendance and see that they don’t take more leaves and is useful to calculate their performance overall.

Benefits of the ERPAcademe Biometric Attendance System

• Avoids time-theft that employees engage in and keeps a record of the in and out times of each employee, it helps in making the payroll more efficient for a particular pay period or cycle.

• It decreases the overhead cost and saves your company from paying overtime to employees since the system keeps a record of the exact amount of time an employee has worked for.

• It helps employees to maintain a balance between their workload and personal life. This happens as the biometric attendance machine alerts the employees of the organization of the excessive overtime that they might be engaging in.

• It helps your company to keep a record of the employees that aren't taking the work timings very seriously. This is done as the system keeps a record of leaves, unscheduled breaks, extensions, and missing work hours.

How do these systems work?

The biometric attendance system uses the fingerprint data of employees to check who has been clocking in and out of the office and at what time. The system creates a map using various points as coordinates which further creates a unique identity for each fingerprint. The coordinates are then referenced each time with the data of employees that have been stored in the system at the time of their initiation. If their data is missing from the system, the employees in time and out time cannot be recorded, making it difficult for them and the company to understand when the employee is working and when he's not.

ERP Academe offers a cloud-based management application that has the ability to achieve multiple tasks at the same time. Some of these include:

• Student and teachers management

• Manage and schedule lectures

• Fee management

• Biometric attendance

• Exam scheduling and result management

• Library management

• Transport management.

When merged with the ERP Academe attendance module, the biometric device would be instrumental in generating real-time reports concerning management and attendance. As an administrator you can safely access all data from anywhere and anytime you please. The advantages of this cloud based biometric system are way too many, right from preventing impersonation to eliminating any time related disputes, it is the way forward in providing a highly secured and efficient environment.

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